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Dead Inside: The Roleplaying Game of Loss & Redemption

Embrace your Virtue. Resist your Vice. Perform noble deeds. Find meaning. Fight crime. Regain your soul.

Imago Deck

image of imago deck

The Imago Deck is a free PDF collection of cards that can be used to enhance your gaming sessions, whether you’re playing the Dead Inside RPG or another roleplaying game.

Play cards -- like Anima/us: Understand Relationship, Family: Hidden Connections, or Trickster: Break the Rules -- to affect the setting, NPCs, or plot of your game! Each Imago card is tied to one of the psychological/spiritual archetypes of the Dead Inside setting and provides an in-game effect.

The PDF contains two pages of rules and suggestions, along with ten pages of cards suitable for printing out on heavy paper stock. The card pages break down this way:

  • Four pages of the Imago Deck proper (Imagos, 1 Soul Point card, 2 Upshifts, and 2 Downshifts).
  • One page of Damage Rank and Failure Rank cards (for playing Diceless DI).
  • One page of “Character Sheet” cards.
  • One page of Quality Cards.
  • One page of Upshifts and Downshifts (for playing Diceless DI).
  • One page of Soul Point cards.
  • One page of Virtue & Vice cards.
  • One page of card backs.

The Imago Deck is a great way to add a little jazz and whimsy to your roleplaying sessions. Check it out!

Check it out! Download the Imago Deck from RPGNow


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