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Cold, Hard World: The Real World Sourcebook for the Dead Inside RPG

Keeping It Real
In Dead Inside (DI), the Real World is the same as the world we all live in. . . a cold, hard world where spiritual power is weak. Still, the supernatural beings of the Cosmos -- Dead Inside, Sensitives, Magi, Ghosts, Zombis, and Free Spirits -- bring their subtle horrors, mysteries, and wonders with them into the everyday: hiding behind corners, lurking in shadows, dancing right under the noses of soul-blind Average People.

Within Cold, Hard World, you will find

  • All of the information on the Real World from DI collected into one place, with expanded detail on how spiritual talents operate there. Also, further information on its strange inhabitants: Average People.
  • In-depth descriptions of many Places and Times of Power, as well as new Notable NPCs, Organizations, and Enchanted Objects.
  • Several Real World adventure ideas, and a random adventure generator tool for DI GMs.
  • New optional "reloads" of the core DI setting (and rules) for very different campaigns focusing on the Real World.

Cold, Hard World is available as a 74 page, 2.9M PDF from RPGNow for $8. Download it now, and look out your window to see -- maybe for the first time -- the supernatural hopes and fears of the Real World.

Cold, Hard World: The Real World Sourcebook for the Dead Inside RPG
* Written by Chad Underkoffler
* Art by Scott Kane, Chris Cooper, and Chad Underkoffler
* ASM-012

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